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Norton® antivirus is a software that is developed by Symantec Corporation and it offers protection against malwares, spywares, viruses, Trojans and other malicious threats. It has become very popular among computer users as it makes sure that any personal data is not hacked by any application that is harmful and the security of the PC is well maintained. So, if you have not updated your antivirus then it may give rise to several issues like slow speed application, pop-ups, system shutdown and other hidden problems. To solve all these issues it is important to call an expert technician who can mend it without wasting much of your important time.

RSS Computer Support offers instant Norton® antivirus support to its clients and helps in making all the features available with the software so that the users get the maximum benefit from it. Our tech experts will scan the PC to detect the presence of any viruses with the help of Norton® antivirus and will remove them as well. Since viruses are like worms that can eat up your important data present in the disk very quietly, it is vital to safeguard the data from their attack. These viruses not only tamper with your data but also reduce the computer speed and lessen the performance of the PC, blocks the security features and reduces work’s productivity.
Today, there are lots of anti-viruses available in the market but none stands close to Norton® in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Our unique Norton® antivirus support solutions ensure that your work is not hampered due to virus and we take quick measures as soon as we receive a call from your side.
Our Norton® Antivirus support includes

  • Installation/Uninstallation of Norton® Antivirus
  • Upgrades for your Norton® Antivirus
  • Configuration of your Norton® Antivirus product
  • Norton®  Antivirus Product Activation
  • PC Health Check Up
  • Complete PC scan to identify any virus or malware infections
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Customer Testimonials
Hi Gautam. I am very pleased with the service I received yesterday and I have no problem referring you to my friends. Alex
He is the best computer tech i ever worked with -he spent over six hours fixing my computer not many would do that -it was a pleasure working
Mark Stuart
RSS Computer Support keeps my business ahead of time by providing best solutions for any computer related issues we face at work.
Gregory Paul
New Jersey
I am glad to see my PC fixed in minutes despite plugging whole machine off and taking it to computer technician miles away.
Jean Roberts
Excellent and friendly service. Understandable resolutions. Did not have to do a thing. The rep just took control of my PC and fixed things. I will be happy to recommend the service to others."
Charles Mcafarlane
I had the pleasure of speaking with a Tech Support Agent his name is Peter he was extremely knowledgeable and I could not require better service. I would like to thank him for the service he gave and helping me to get back my email address. Thanks! –
Derrick V Fraites
Dear Sir, thank you for your excellent service again via your staff member Atul. He was efficient and effective in clearing up my computer jamming of emails and I am delighted to be back on track with a fast computer again. Your reputation is continuing to grow and I will take every chance to recommend your services to others. Kind regards,
Barbara Cousens,
Alexandria, Virginia,
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